What is Soundcloud?

By | September 9, 2019

SoundCloud is an online private business platform for music sharing as well as an audio distributing platform which allow its user to share, upload, promote their audio or music created by the user. Its headquarters are in Berlin, Germany. This platform for music streaming reaches over 175 million users per around the globe. The user could take free as well as paid members of this website. You could use this site on your desktop as well as mobile devices. This site plays a major role in influencing the music industry all around the globe as they gave rise to many new artists who became famous by sharing and uploading their music. They allowed the newcomers to emerge and display their talent to the whole world and with the help of this site they could achieve great success in the music industry. The main benefit which artists can access is that they could upload their music as well as distribute it for free so that the music lovers or the big music company’s could access it from any place in the world. SoundCloud has received much praise from big investors as well as they support SoundCloud too and they receive support from media platforms also like Twitter, Facebook, etc. but the company has received many funding issues throughout the time, but they have removed many employees to overcome their loss.


History about SoundCloud:

SoundCloud is a music streaming website which is also used listening as well as uploading your content so that the world could listen to your talent and appreciate it. This website came into existence 12 years ago in August 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. SoundCloud’s headquarters is situated in Berlin, Germany. It is private business firm under the name SoundCloud limited and is owned by Alexander ljung who is the chairman and founder of this company, by Eric Wahlforss who is also the founder as well as the CPO of the company and by Kerry Trainor who is the CEO of the company. It is a social or internet community based on music streaming, sharing and uploading. It has more than 300 employees working for the company and the company’s site is soundcloud.com. According to the survey held in March 2019 the company has around 76 million users registered as well as the company has 175 million monthly listeners.

By 2010 May the company announced that it has reached its first one million users. And on 15th June 2011, it reached five million users. Now by 23rd January 2012, the company reached 10 million users by the same year in May the company reached 15 million users. By December 2012 many improvements were made in the website so that it easily accessible over mobile services and included features like site navigation and the user was allowed to make their collection. There were many opinions among the users, some gave great response some were not satisfied with the site, all this keep on changing with time. The company has faced many ups and downs in their history all due to funding as well as in maintaining its platform on the internet. Some big company’s announced their support but some came out to be rumours, by 2017 the company was on being sold because they need 100 million dollars for the support of their platform. Initially, 700 million dollars were raised by the investors but it also did not help the company in maintaining their status then end of the year Raine group invested 169.5 million dollars in the company to maintain the platform of SoundCloud.

Important aspects provided by SoundCloud:

SoundCloud allows the user to upload their music with different URLs so that you can also use your music to add on the posts of social media like Twitter, Facebook. So this makes it easier for the artist to promote its talent as well as its lot easier for the followers or the user to listen to their work. The users who are registered can access unlimited music which they can hear and they upload their audio at no cost up to 180 minutes after that different charges are applicable. One more very interesting feature that is provided by the SoundCloud is that they use different platforms, apps and widgets to upload o promote their audios and the user could use those widgets on their site or blogs and by this SoundCloud will automatically keep a record of your uploads and it will also tweet about it, so that promotional event for the user gets easier to handle. Soundcloud gives you many options to handle like you can create your playlist, you can like songs which will be sent to your like page, there is repost option as well as share option and you can follow other users on the basis of their work and vice versa is applicable for you too, all these features make it very easier for the users to use the website for music streaming, posting as well as for promoting. SoundCloud plays the track in a waveform which allows the listener to comment on specific parts of the track whether they like it or not, as well as give suggestions in those commenting area. SoundCloud allows the user to upload their music or audio files as well as the listeners can also download this if the uploading person permits the file or the site. These music files are supported in the following format like AIFF, MP2, MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, WMA, AMR, and OGC.   


Some premium version of SoundCloud:

There are some updated or ahead versions of the SoundCloud which requires a subscription for its excess and in-return provide the users with some extra benefits like:-

SoundCloud Pro: Here the users of SoundCloud achieve premium services under the name of

SoundCloud Pro. They provide the user to upload up to six-hour of audio and could add additional features like they could block any sort of comment on their track as well as they could activate enhanced analytical features on their audio track.

SoundCloud Go: In the year 2016 on 29th of March SoundCloud produced a new product known as SoundCloud Go, a music streaming service which requires a subscription before accessing it. This allows you to experience music without any ad as well as you can play the music in offline mode too and it is licensed by big label companies. Through this the users can excess a larger library of songs as compared to Spotify and Apple Music, even provides the user with a great variation in its content hence making it bigger and better than many of the other big companies label. Its service is initially charged with 10 USD per month. In the year it further divided into two forms one SoundCloud Go and second SoundCloud GO+, the difference is that SoundCloud Go+ offers the user with licensed music whereas the SoundCloud Go does not and the charge of SoundCloud Go is 5 USD per month whereas SoundCloud GO+ is 10 USD per month.

Places where you could use SoundCloud:

For an internet active service, platforms, where they could use their services, are very important. Soundcloud can be used on three platforms that are mobile, computer and web version.

For mobile: one of the platforms used by the SoundCloud is the mobile version of its services, the company has developed two apps for the mobile device which are SoundCloud app and SoundCloud Pulse app. SoundCloud app allows you to access and stream music from all the globe, create your playlist and you can even share your audio among the world. Whereas the SoundCloud Pulse was launched later on 25th of November for android and iOS, its main aim was towards the content creators, and to manages one’s upload and to keep a track of their uploads and manage the commenting activity as well as reply to those comments and even it allows the user with one more feature that is to view their statistics. In the early phase all these features were located within the main app but after the launch of SoundCloud Pulse it leads to two different apps, the aim for the release of SoundCloud Pulse was to make it easier for the content creators or the artists to use the SoundCloud features which are necessary for them without any interruption.

For desktop: The second platform is for the desktop, here the company always tried to develop better services for the desktop to grab equivalent user as there are in the mobile version. They want more user in the desktop version too to compete with different services like Spotify and all, which maintain and create their user easily in the desktop version too. They always tried to release different version for Windows or Mac but somewhere or the other they lack some basic features like normal animation, or the repeat option, etc, but on the contrary, it also provides you with voice control if your desktop has Cortana in it. SoundCloud is still struggling with the desktop version to make it more reliable and convenient as compared to its mobile and web version.

For web: The user can access SoundCloud online also on the web which is much easier and convenient than the desktop version.

What is the impact of SoundCloud?

SoundCloud as the name suggests it was service which was created to enter the music industry. But what was so new and different in this, it was that SoundCloud helped the people with talent to become a full-fledged artist that is it was a new way for the artists to share as well as promote their art among the people from all around the world. As this was totally an online platform there was no need for a record label or the artist does not need any distributors who will judge and hear the audio before releasing, on the contrary the SoundCloud gave a platform where the user and the artists were put on the same platform forming a community and the artist will release his or her audio and could promote it and the user will get to hear the song directly, without any interruption and they can praise the work of the artist as well as they can judge it also, hence allowing the user to learn from its mistake as well as they can help the artist reach new heights. SoundCloud provides the artist with an endless chance of opportunity so that he or she can build up his or her career in the music industry.

SoundCloud also helps a genre of music known as rap to become famous among the people from all around the globe. With the help of SoundCloud people can put out their audio among the world without any need of studio equipment, due to this the rappers can present their different taste of music among the world without any hesitation and, nowadays rap is reaching new heights. The SoundCloud gives the artist a freedom to upload rap without been judged and they can even upload many audio all together at a single time. SoundCloud played an important role in the growing popularity of rap genre as well as it helps many rappers to earn fame like Lil Pump, XXXtentacion and many more.

To get famous any person need first of all a platform and second, he or she need followers or the peoples supporting them, SoundCloud is the perfect stage for such an emerging talent who could change the future of music industry. The main eye-catching part of SoundCloud is that it is completely free, that means a platform one of the best platforms where the user could upload his or her music, as well as he or she, can get it rated by the peoples from all around the world. This platform has helped many upcoming stars whether they are musician, rapper, DJs and other talented peoples. SoundCloud starting was rough but as the time passed it has grown strong. SoundCloud best part is its interesting feature of promotion via social media as it helps SoundCloud to connect with the peoples very easily. People can like, comment, follow you which makes it an ideal platform from where an artist could start its works and showcase his or her talent in front of the world without any problems occurring. And secondly, after platform, you need followers to get famous and earn money through showcasing your talent. The more genuine followers you have, the easier the work get as they help you in many ways whether they will criticize you or praise your work, more than half of the promotional work is done by the followers and so on.

   People will listen to your art twice or thrice and they will forget it but if you have followers then they will listen to your art, again and again, will promote it and will not leave you, which shows the importance of followers on SoundCloud. SoundCloud even offers you packages through which you can buy followers so that it gets easier for you to climb up the ladder, many artists have done this while some work out with the traditional method too but it is time-consuming. And it is a very safe process you just need to choose the package of followers and mark it towards your profile, the rest is done by the SoundCloud team and you just need to focus on your art and keep posting and the rest is done by the SoundCloud as they will keep increasing the followers, still some promotional events should also be planned by you so that each and everything goes smooth without any interruption.

Everything in this world has two sides the same goes for SoundCloud like:

There are some benefits of these followers as well as some cons of them such as:

The PROs of these followers are:

  • They can improve your social profile like in general we can followers on SoundCloud could be interpreted as fan of your art, so the more followers you have the more fan you achieve and this will reflect a positive side in the eye of peoples who search for you and you work, this will definitely give a boost to your work, so whether you are a newcomer or an old player, followers definitely play an important role.
  •  The more followers you have the number of people will get attracted toward you and will want to know more about you and your work.
  •  Artists spend more on marketing but when you will have followers on your side it will get much easier.

The CONs of these followers are:

  • The followers you buy must be genuine and reliable, by chance, if you buy some cheap followers then it can harm your reputation very easily because people can notice whether your followers are real or fake.
  • Buying followers won’t help you out in your album sales as the followers represents the number of audiences watching your work, you work should also be up to the mark or else if you will sit down for your followers to sell your album or do your marketing then that’s not going to happen, the person also needs to put efforts while promoting, marketing, etc.
  •  Anyone can lose the followers easily, if they are low-quality followers, in the starting, they act like your genuine follower but after some time, they start showing their true form and all this occurs when you do not buy the followers from a genuine provider.


SoundCloud is a platform where people can showcase their talent without any cost. But with big features or services comes a big risk too. So some of the pros and cons of SoundCloud be stated as:

PROs of SoundCloud are:

It provides you with a platform which is an open stage for the artists to showcase their talent amongst the people directly without any interruption. You can share your audio, upload it, promote it and all this is done free of cost. Peoples will reach out to your work and will praise it though it could take some time it is worth waiting and if you are in a hurry then there is an alternative method too. This site did face ups n downs but the company never lost hope despite they could have charged people for uploading, streaming and promoting but they did not. And eventually, many big ventures also help SoundCloud out. This site does not let any third party interfere, it is you with your work and the people from all around the world on the same stage, no intermediates, no judging, nothing at all. If your work is genuine and your followers/fans are genuine then you can easily reach the top, the only thing which you will be needing is patience.

CONs of SoundCloud are:

There are some disadvantages of SoundCloud too as this company whenever is on the phase of loosing its profitable stage they remove some of their employees. Some versions of SoundCloud on mobile are premium that is they requires subscriptions, so for a newcomer, it is really hard to invest money to get access to all the feature of SoundCloud app. And the desktop version is still facing problems with the basic features. One more risk included in the SoundCloud is that people can upload any sort of audio, so any top-secret audio could also be leaked through this site and people from all around the world can hear it out. People even criticize new updates which took place on the website version making its feed tougher for some of the users. SoundCloud also cause trouble in continuous play feature as this feature has no stop button unlike youtube you can stop autoplay their but here you cannot stop the continuous play feature. You need to have followers who praise your work and promote it, but people for their convenience try the easy step of buying followers, but you cannot trust any provider because if you did not get genuine followers, then they will make your work harder.

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